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Future visions for the university landscape of Bremen

Recording from 17th September 2021

Jacobs University

was established 20 years ago in Bremen, Germany. It has an excellent reputation among students, professors, and employers. It aims for the highest standards in teaching and research. Close to 90 percent of Jacobs students finish their degree on time. With students from more than 100 countries on campus, Jacobs University is also highly international. Jacobs alumni are important ambassadors of the Bremen region in Germany, Europe and the world.

The Friends of Jacobs University association was established recently by committed citizens, educators and researchers. It wants to help Jacobs University strive and grow. One main current challenge is the transition in ownership. It’s important to keep Jacobs University alive and protect what made it distinctive.

Jacobs University needs all the support it can get. JOIN NOW. Become a member of the Friends of Jacobs University (20 Euro annual fee), participate in our activities and events, and protect diversity in higher education, and creativity and innovation in the Bremen area.